Savio has been a dream put together bit by bit by a group of 4, headed by V.J. Jacob. It became an establishment in the year 2002. The Company is the first of its kind in many ways. Its the first independent Catholic Publishing House. Savio is the first publisher with moral Science as its leading content. The first book was “Living by Values;” authored by Fr. M.C. George, who is accepted and acknowledged – all over India.

We laid the foundation for moral science texts to give up vagueness and to address and write about important matters in a precise to the point way. Savio is the first of its kind and gives accreditation to the author.

The man behind this evolving dream, Mr. V.J. Jacob was man of vision and former teacher. Most of his life, he has been associated with books. Later, he did mark for publishing houses, and that is how he understood the need and the way to go about moral studies. This was beginning of Savio with Fr. M.C.’s guidance, we published first book never looked back since.